Sales and rental of steel sheet piles

Gooimeer’s Steel Sheet Piles

At Gooimeer, we have been providing the very best products for your steel sheet piles for nearly 50 years. Since the founding of our family business in 1976, we have continued to grow. Today we are a leading supplier of steel sheet piles, energy sheet piles and other steel building products. Gooimeer has a complete range of steel sheet piles for all your construction projects. We can customize all our sheet piles to your specific requirements.

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Founded in Naarden (1976)

Our steel sheet pile walls and products are used in civil engineering to reinforce quays, roads and temporary construction pits in the Netherlands and other Western European countries, from Norway to Portugal.

Storage in Almere
In our warehouse in Almere we have many products in stock, so we can deliver quickly. Moreover, because of the short lines within our company and the close contact between us and you, our customer, we can switch quickly. Together we can find the best solutions for your project!

We are known for our knowledge, experience and contact with our customers. That is why contractors, project developers, engineering firms, governments and pile driving companies come to us to find the sheet piles needed for their construction projects. At Gooimeer, you can count on good customer service and fast delivery!

Hallmarks and the international metal covenant

Gooimeer is certified according to NEN EN ISO 9001-2015. Moreover, as a company we are also deeply committed to corporate social responsibility. That is why we are a member of the international metal covenant. We are committed to preventing any negative impact on employees, human rights, the environment, corruption and consumers and contributing to recovery.

Steel Beams Gooimeer

Steel Sheet Piling

Gooimeer specializes in the renting and selling of steel sheet piles of the highest quality. At our central location in Almere, we have a large stock of steel sheet piles and other steel construction products ready for use. This enables us to deliver the right sheet pile wall for you in the quickest possible way. Our company is characterized by an enormous flexibility, which allows us to guarantee the best solutions for you.

Steel Sheet Piles Gooimeer

In addition to steel sheet piles, Gooimeer also supplies other steel products for civil engineering.

Energy Sheet Piles Gooimer

Energy Sheet Piles

In cooperation with our partner FET, formerly SPS Energy, we introduced a major advance in the development of steel sheet piles. Together we designed and developed our revolutionary energy sheet piles. These sheet pile walls are able to extract thermal energy from surface water and soil. This benefits you and contributes to energy transitions and reduction of CO2 emissions! For more information about this exceptional product, you can look further down on this website or on our separate website about energy sheet piles. Here, you will find all the information about how our energy sheet piles work. Of course, you can also contact us with any questions!

Corner Sections Gooimeer

Corner sections

We have many types of corner sections in our assortment. Depending on the steel sheet piles you have in use, we can provide a suitable corner profile. For example:

  • ZZ/AZ/Larssen U Sheet
  • Piles
  • Ball and Socket Sheet Piles
  • Flat Sheet Piles
  • Cold Formed Sheet Piles
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Tubular Piles Gooimeer

Steel Tubular Piles

In addition to sheet piles, Gooimeer can also supply various sizes of tubular piles. The steel tubular piles can be supplied with welded-on locks and coating. During the design phase, we like to think along with you to arrive at the most economical combi wall. This is done in cooperation with renowned European producers that guarantee quality.

Tubular Piles Gooimeer
Sheet Piles Beams Gooimeer

Steel Beams

Gooimeer can provide you with new and used steel beams. Rental of steel beams is also a possibility. We have a wide variety of types and lengths in stock. We also have the possibility to offer beams directly from the factory.

Steel Beams Gooimeer
Interlock Sealing Gooimeer

Interlock Sealing

Interlock sealing is extremely important in all water retaining structures. Good waterproofing systems have a longer life span and do not leak. Proper flexibility and adhesion of the lock seal is crucial for lasting adhesion. At Gooimeer, we offer two options suitable for interlock sealing:

  1. Wadit Interlock Sealant
  2. PU Interlock Sealant
Interlock Sealing Gooimeer
Anchoring Gooimeer

Anchoring Sheet Piles

Among other things, Gooimeer supplies GEWI anchors and ASF anchors to anchor the installed sheet piles. Gooimeer only supplies anchors made of high-quality steel. GEWI anchors can be supplied in sizes ranging from 16-75 mm. ASF anchors can be supplied up to a diameter of 200 mm. Gooimeer also supplies additional materials such as anchor nuts, anchor plates, coupling bushings, etc.

Anchoring Gooimeer
Rental Sheet Piles Gooimeer


In addition to selling our products, you can also rent steel sheet piles and steel beams from Gooimeer. Because of the high quality of our steel products, they are extremely suitable for temporary constructions, such as construction pits, pile and sewer trenches, embankments, culverts and other building structures.

Rental of sheet piles Gooimeer

Technical Information

Installation Methods

Installation methods Gooimeer

When installing steel sheet piling, a distinction can be made between three different techniques, namely: Vibratory Pile Driving, Impact (Hammer) Pile Driving and Pressing (Jacking) Pile Driving.


Preserving sheet piles Gooimeer

Since steel sheet piling is made of non-stainless steel, the steel can rust. This corrosion process does not benefit the lifespan of the sheet piling. Luckily, there are ways to combat corrosion.