Corner sections

Options for corner sections

To ensure that your steel sheet piles can also be installed in a different direction, you can use corner profiles. Because the locks of steel sheet piles can only accommodate a small angular rotation, these corner profiles offer an excellent solution. There is no standard solution for special corners, and each corner requires a different corner profile. Fortunately, because of our wide selection, a lot is possible. We have the right type of corner profile for all types of hot rolled sheet piling, and with years of experience, we can help you quickly and competently.

All of our corner profiles have a minimum steel quality of S 355 GP and can be supplied with a 3.1. certificate. Our suppliers’ corner profiles are known, among other things, for their dimensional stability, ease of use and efficiency. The profiles are easy to assemble and easy to remove. As a result, you can even use the profiles multiple times.

We offer corner profiles for:

Moreover, if you are looking for welded profiles, Gooimeer is also the place to be! We can deliver these profiles separately or we can weld them on to your sheet piling at our depot in Almere. If your project requires custom work, we can also help you.

For more information or possibilities regarding corner profiles, please contact us. We are happy to help you find the best solution for your project!