Anchoring the Steel Sheet Piles

Anchors are needed to anchor your installed sheet piles. At Gooimeer, we have a wide variety of anchors for you to choose from. For example, we supply GEWI Anchors. These anchor rods are made of high-quality steel. Our GEWI Anchors are available in sizes from 16 to 75 mm. We also supply other fasteners, such as anchor nuts, anchor plates and coupling sleeves.

In addition to GEWI Anchors, which have a full length thread, we also supply rolled anchors. These have rolled or cut threaded ends. The ends of these anchors can also be equipped with an eye or hammer head. The anchors are available from 8 to 200 mm, in high quality steel or standard quality steel and are supplied up to a maximum of 27 meters.

Anchoring Gooimeer

For other products in hydraulic engineering, you can also contact us. We also supply purlins, cover profiles and bollards. All of these products can be delivered in different sizes, dimensions and qualities.

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