PZC Sheet Piles

Steel PZC Sheet Piles

Are you looking for PZC sheet piles for your project? Gooimeer is the place to be! The PZC sheet pile wall distinguishes itself from other types of sheet piles because it has a unique and very strong ‘Ball and Socket’ lock connection. This connection was already used decades ago and is still popular because of its unique properties!

Because of the high steel quality and the many choices regarding the strength in which the sheet piles are delivered, these profiles can be applied to almost all projects. For example, they are suitable for canal works, underground parking garages, tunnels and quay walls.

Advantages of our PZC sheet piles

At Gooimeer, we supply PZC profiles from the American company Gerdau. These PZC sheet piles are a huge step forward in the technological development of soil and water retaining walls.

Some of the features of Gerdau’s PZC profiles are:

PZC sheet piles
PZC Sheet Piles Gooimeer

Moreover, all profiles meet the requirements and tolerances of NEN EN 10248 part 1 and 2 and the steel has a minimum steel grade of S 355 GP. We also have a wide selection of standard steel corners for these profiles, making corner solutions easy to realize.