U Shaped Sheet Piles

Steel U Sheet Piles

Do you need steel U shaped sheet piles for your project? To meet different needs, Gooimeer has a wide range to suit all your projects and requirements! We supply a complete range of steel sheet pile U sections with Larssen locks, in 500, 600 and 750 mm widths. Our U sheet piles have an optimal strength-to-weight ratio and can all be rolled up and down. At the bottom of this page you will find further technical specifications on all the different models.

U Shaped Sheet Piles Gooimeer

Advantages of U shaped Sheet Piles
An U sheet pile is shaped like the letter “U”. These profiles have been used worldwide since the beginning of the last century in all kinds of constructions because of their dimensional stability, durability and quality. For example, U-pile walls are extremely suitable for temporary constructions and for small, medium or large projects involving high ground and/or water pressure.

Due to the geometry and strong locks, the lifespan of these profiles is generally longer than for other types of steel sheet piles. For this reason, U sections are also a good solution for temporary steel sheet pile structures or lightweight steel sheet pile structures.