Energy Sheet Piles

Gasless heating with Energy Dam Walls

With the introduction of our Energy Dam Walls, we have taken an important step forward. Together with FET, we have brought to market a patented system that utilizes the enormous heat reserves available at the earth’s surface. This system is special because it can be installed without additional work and can efficiently extract energy from the surrounding (surface)water and from the ground. The heat energy extracted can be used to heat or cool homes, offices and other buildings.

With these sheet pile walls, you can generate an unlimited amount of thermal energy. As a result, buildings and houses can be heated without gas; a huge contribution to a sustainable energy transition in the Netherlands! Moreover, these sheet pile walls are easily placed during renovation works or introduced when starting new projects and contributeto a significant CO2 reduction. With a COP of 5.0, efficiencies of up to 500% are achievable!

The advantages of Energy Sheet Piling

For more information about our energy dam wall, we have set up a complementary website, where you can view all the advantages and technical specifications. In addition, you can of course contact us with all your questions.

Energy Sheet Piles Gooimeer

Gooimeer stands for reliability, innovation, commitment and flexibility. Because of our focus on customers, innovative systems such as the energy dam walls and our involvement in countless construction projects, Gooimeer has become a leading force in Western Europe today!



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