Rental of sheet piles

At Gooimeer, besides buying sheet piles, you can also rent your desired sheet piles and beams. We lead the market in terms of the rental of steel sheet piles! Because of the high quality of our products, they are extremely suitable for temporary constructions, such as construction pits, pipe and sewer trenches, embankments, culverts, and so on.

When the project is completed, we will collect the steel sheet piles or beams. Reusing products maximizes the effectiveness of the material and prevents waste. Also, by renting out our products, we contribute to a more sustainable solution for you and for the world!

Advantages of renting

After returning the rented sheet piles or beams, Gooimeer takes care of any repairs so that the products are available again for the next temporary construction pit. If the product is used for a very long time, we can also discuss the purchase of the product with a guaranteed buy-back price once the product is no longer needed. Thus, Gooimeer always offers suitable sheet piles for you and your project!

Rental of sheet piles Gooimeer

Do you have a specific request or question about the rental of sheet piles or beams? Feel free to contact us.