Interlock Sealing

Interlock Sealing for Water Retaining Structures

Lock sealing is of utmost importance in all water retaining structures. Good waterproofing systems have a longer lifespan and do not leak. At Gooimeer, we offer two options suitable for lock sealing:

Wadit lock sealing

Wadit lock sealing is a very good and cost-effective solution. Here, a high-temperature bitumen-type seal is poured into the sheet piling. This seal consists of elastomer (rubber) modified with styrene butadiene. This material has strong adhesion and extremely high flexibility, even at low temperatures. To remain watertight, the lock seal must be able to follow the moving sheet piling. Therefore, this flexibility and adhesion are of the utmost importance.

The Wadit lock seal is suitable for:

Environmental compatibility and technical specifications
Test reports from the German environmental institute LGA show that the Wadit lock seal is environmentally friendly and can be used in soil and water without negative environmental effects. This is because the basic materials consist of natural raw materials.

Interlock Sealing Gooimeer

The Wadit lock seal:

When applied, Wadit lock seal complete with environmentally friendly packaging can be heated to about 130-170 degrees Celsius. The packaging dissolves completely up to 170 degrees, without residues. Afterwards, Wadit can be poured, preferably with zinc pourers, into the locks.

Interlock Sealing Gooimeer

PU sealing system

In addition to Wadit lock sealing, we can also deliver the PU sealing system. This involves a machine-made seal. The sealing material, polyurethane is injected into the center lock of double sheet piling. The best possible adhesion is achieved when using a primer.

PU Hoesch interlock sealing

This system:

If you have any questions about the best lock seal or sealing system for your construction project, please feel free to contact us.