Z Shaped sheet piles

Steel Z shaped sheet Piles

Do you want to buy or rent Z shaped sheet piles for your project? At Gooimeer, we have everything you need! Gooimeer’s Z-piles are of the highest quality and are delivered in accordance with the requirements of EN 10248 part 1 and 2 including attestation, if agreed in advance. This means that our Z sheet piles are perfectly straight and have perfect interlocking systems. Because of this, there is much less wear and tear during installation and these profiles have a longer lifespan than “comparable” profiles from other manufacturers.

In our depot in Almere we have a very complete stock, which enables us to deliver our sheet piles as quickly as possible.

We supply a complete sheet pile range with a Wx in 1200 to 5200 cm³ per meter. Our sheet piles are available as single, double, triple and quadruple piles. At Gooimeer, we only buy and sell the best Z sheet piles

Advantages of Z shaped sheet piles

The Z shaped sheet piles’ name comes from its ‘Z’-shape. A characteristic feature of these profiles is that the locks of the steel sheet pile are on the outside of the profile. Because of its favorable geometry, the Z-profile has a greater section modulus of resistance (for the same weight per m2) than other profiles where the locks are in the center of the profile. In addition, Z-profiles do not need to be reduced in strength because the locks on the outside ensure that no bending can occur.

Z Shaped Sheet Piles Gooimeer

The ZZ shaped sheet piles can be used in all kinds of soil- and water retaining structures and in energy dam wall projects. You can order the full range of ZZ sections from us, also in rolled-up and rolled-down versions.

Z Shaped Sheet Piles Gooimeer