Open Cell™

Open Cell Sheet Piling

The Open Cell™ construction is a cellular sheet pile wall composed of filled cells with a U-shape. The walls consist of flat sheet piles type PS 31 or PS 27.5. These are driven into an arch at the front, diverting forces to vertical anchor walls perpendicular to the front wall. Thus, a large retaining height can be achieved with a relatively small embedment.

Sheet piling and connections

For the Open Cell™ construction we recommend flat sheet piles from Gerdau. These have the required interlock tolerances as well as the required interlock strength. A steel corner is placed between the curved front wall and the vertical anchor wall. The SWC120© angle is specially developed for Open Cell™ sheet piling and is rolled in one piece, which makes it capable of transmitting large forces.

Open Cell flat Sheet Piles Gooimeer

Open Cell™ structures provide an excellent alternative to combi walls that are susceptible to corrosion, since the sheet piles are loaded by tension, rather than bending. The systems have a reduced embedment depth and are therefore also suitable for areas with poor soil conditions.

Open Cell™ is also resistant to:



steal piles 09b


steel piles 10a