About us

Gooimeer’s Steel Sheet Piles

At Gooimeer, we have been supplying the very best products for your steel sheet piles for nearly 50 years. Because we have a wide variety that is always ready to go in our depot in Almere, we can help you quickly and effectively. The central location of our depot, close to waterways and highways, ensures a quick delivery by ship or truck!


In 1976, Gooimeer began as a small family business. After this, we continued to grow and although the number of employees quickly grew and the company was passed from father to son, we still pride ourselves on the short lines of communication and direct contact within our company and between our employees. As a result, we are extremely flexible and can quickly switch and deliver. This distinguishes us from other suppliers of steel sheet piles. Together with you, we ensure fast and proper delivery to complete all your projects, however big or small they may be!

Gooimeer complies with the International Metal Industry Covenant

Besides our focus on our customer, we also believe that it is important to do business in a socially responsible way. Therefore, we have joined the International Metal Covenant. We strive to avoid causing or contributing to negative impacts on workers, consumers, human rights, the environment and corruption and we want to contribute to recovery in these areas.

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