Gooimeer has supplied Larssen 603 - steel sheet piles - for the construction along the waterline.

Dike Improvement in the Village Center of Baambrugge

Sheet Piling Construction along the Waterline

The Angstelkade dike in the center of Baambrugge protects the village and the polder behind it from flooding by the Angstel. In some places, the dike between Binnenweg 4 and Kleiweg 38 is too low. Since elevating the dike in the center of Baambrugge is not feasible, flood protection is being improved in a different way: by building a steel sheet piling structure along the bank. This steel sheet piling structure will replace the flood protection function of the current dike running along the road. The flood protection function will be shifted from the road to the banks of the Angstel. With the construction of this steel sheet piling structure, the dike will meet safety requirements for another 75 years. Cultural history, archaeology (LNCA), and functions on and along the dike have been considered in this project.

Type sheet pile: Larssen 603
Length:  5,00 – 12,00 metres
Execution: November 2022
Location:  Baambrugge

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