New Boat Ramp at Mookerplas with Steel Sheet Piling

Construction new boat ramp at Mookersplas with steel sheet piles

The Mookerplas is a tributary of the Meuse. It is a wonderful lake to spend a day with a boat, a SUP board or a canoe.
There are now two new parking spaces, and there’s a new beach pavilion and a new building next to it.
Nature and the landscape are greatly strengthened by the planting of new trees.
Gooimeer supplied the steel sheet piles for the construction of the new boat pier (and the beach pavilion). Construction is expected to take place until around early April 2024. The Mookerplas area remains open.

Type of Sheet Piles: Larssen 601

Lenght: 4 metres

Execution: February 2024

Location: Mookerplas – the Netherlands

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